4 tips to build the most competitive app on the market

How do you make sure that your mobile app is the one that your target users cannot live without? Here's 4 tips to help you do just that.

As more mobile apps join the lineup of Apple App Store and Google Play store charts, the competition is getting higher each day in the tech industry. Meanwhile, the number of users also remains at an all-time high. For this reason, if you want to stay in the competition, it’s all down to producing the most attractive application to suit the demands of users.

If you want to know how to build the most competitive app in the market, here are four tips to help you do so:

Build with user demand in mind

Many entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas for an app or website. However, not all great ideas translate to a marketable product since it is the number of users that will determine the success of the product. Because of this, in building an app, it is important to integrate user demand in the development process.

A helpful method for forecasting demand is gathering data from Google Play store and Apple App Store. The data generated will help determine what features and functions most customers look for in a product and what designs will spark their curiosity.

Another thing you can do is solve an existing problem. You'll find people using methods such as spreadsheets or poorly designed websites to get jobs done. Can you create a more frictionless way of solving their need? It's what we did with our app, Instaspacer, which has reached 50,000 users of writing this post with no marketing spend.

Design a user-centred interface

Once demand is established, the next point of concern is offering the best experience for your users. Creating a user-centred interface means that the design is based on how customers would typically use the product. It’s important to note that what works for users is not necessarily what works best for the owners or developers.

For this reason, developers must prioritise what fits the clients’ needs and wants over what they initially think about the product. The more customers experience convenience while using an app, the more likely they will retain their loyalty and choose your app over others.

Harness the power of data

With so much data available today, companies have the advantage of making use of its power to propel their business to success. With the help of Google Analytics charts, developers can identify trends overtime to give them insight into what features to incorporate in an app. By creating data visualisation, developers can locate the users, recognise trends, and peak times, as well as to measure customer engagement, to make more informed business decisions.

Focus on seamless transitions

Most users tend to sway their attention between the desktop and their other gadgets. To garner more users for an app, it is best to focus on creating a seamless transition from desktop to mobile interface and vice versa.

With more fluidity of usage, an app will have the edge over other apps that have static features and no good landing page. Although a mobile app is different from an adaptive website, it is still good to cover all grounds to remain competitive and relevant among all other tech companies.


To ensure the sustainable growth of an app, it’s crucial to optimise all aspects right from the start. This saves the company from spending more time making small changes, such as aligning elements and adding colours. Before launching a product, the app must undergo careful planning, optimisation, and testing to push it in the right direction towards success.

If you’re looking for a mobile app developer who has the experience in optimising user experience, get in touch with us today! We are a digital product studio that guarantees the growth of our tech business-clients by pushing them to greater heights.

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