With over 300,000 installs and zero ad spend, instaspacer is an example of how product/market fit happens when you think about solving small problems that people hate, really well.

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What did we do?

Design Sprint


MVP Launch

We decided to build a simple MVP, focussed on solving just the core problem, with no other features. We set a tight timeframe of just 2-days to build the basic app on both iOS and Android, so we opted for Flutter as our development framework.

The Challenge

What was the problem?

Instagram users LOVE their captions. It's a space for them to express what their photo is all about. But, they cannot add whitespace to create the look they want. So they resort to using dots, dashes and other ugly to characters to push their hashtags away from sight.


Behavioural Design

What motivates the users to use such a simple app?

Empowerment of creativity
Social Influence
Unpredictability & Curiosity

What were the outcomes?

Within a few short months instaspacer has found itself on over 300,000 devices and users keep it on their phones 80% of the time, which is an incredibly high rate.

Zero has been spent on marketing and advertising, yet the app continues to grow due to the amount of sharing it receives from its social audience.

What were they key takeaways?

Small problems

Solve a real small problem, very well. Don't worry about lots of features. Find the core.

Make it better

Improve something that exists already, but remove the friction from the experience.

Find traction

Products that have product/market fit sell themselves with little effort.

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