Bringing shoppers back to the highstreet.

It's safe to say that the high-street is getting quieter. Prizer motivates players to spend more time on the high-street, exchanging store prizes for increased footfall.


Bringing shoppers back to the highstreet.


Design Sprint

MVP Development

How it started

We were asked to help Prizer design and launch and MVP for their idea in a small test in the beautiful coastal city of Brighton, in the UK.

What was the problem?

People are leaving the high-street and spending their money online. You only have to read the news to see the number of high-street stores closing down each week. While larger chains have the name behind them, smaller retailers struggle to market themselves. This is where Prizer helps.

What did we do about it?

Working alongside the client, we helped to design and launch an MVP to test the idea over a trial period in Brighton.

What were the results?

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