Train your team how to design better products, faster.

By training your team to use the same process giants such as Google, Slack and Lego uses to design their products, your teams will build higher quality products, much faster.

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Design Sprint Training

Faster product development.

Learn the exact process some of the World’s biggest companies use to innovate faster and more effectively.

The Design Sprint is a fast, repeatable process that can provide the competitive edge needed in todays’ evolving digital landscape.

Design Sprint team training workshop

Design Sprint Training Outcomes

We’ll guide the team through the first two days of the Design Sprint exercises, so they will learn by doing.

Together, we’ll work to solve a challenge which leaves the team with actionable items and clear next steps.

After the 2-Day workshop, your team will be ready to run their own internal Design Sprints or use them for your own clients.

Do you want to learn more about the Design Sprint?

Watch our pre-recorded webinar to learn more about how you can benefit from Design Sprints as part of your business.

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Design Sprint Introduction Guide
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