Innovating to a new future.

We helped ideate, design and build a custom IOT product into an existing product line to create new oppurtunities.

Maxview Connect

The problem

Maxview's products are high quality and reliable - but, they rely upon satellites in space and even a slight movement in their orbit can cause TV signals to be lost.

On the road travelling, this is tough, but also if you want to settle down and enjoy some home comforts, it can be frustrating - Maxview wanted to solve this and provide a platform for future product updates in-line with their innovative past.

User Flows app design

Existing solutions

The exisiting solution relied on customers having a USB stick, a laptop and access to the Internet to download a software update. While customers have relied on this method for years, it can be difficult when you're travelling to have all these things with you.

Our solution

We worked alongside Maxview and their partners to integrate Bluetooth technology into their Connect satellite dish and built an iOS and Android app to control the device; replacing the need for the current control box.

Additionally, to provide software update functionality, we built a custom API which delivers updates straight to the satellite as soon as they are ready.

Key takeaways

  • Make people's lives easier with technology.
  • Don't be constrained by how you've always done it.
  • You can work with multiple partners to solve complex issues.