The best free resources for learning UX

We're here to show you the best free resources for learning UX so you don't have to waste both your time and money getting started. Let's go.

When you're getting in UX (User Experience) finding the best resources to learn from can be a nightmare. We know, we've been there.

But no bother, we've got your back with some of the best free UX resources we've come across on this beautiful place we call the Internet.

The first thing to point is we get no money for recommending these UX resources. Not because we didn't want to, but because every single one of them is FREE.

So, let's jump right into them.

Invision - Principles of UX Design

We're starting the list with Invision, which is a great design and prototyping tool, so they know a thing or two about UX.

Invision will email you a new part of the UX course each week, so we'd recommend signing up straight away while you do some other UX things.

But it's worth the wait as the emails will give you a good foundational understanding of UX.

What's the catch? Invision is going to try and sell you some of their design tools, so know that going in!

Coursera - Introduction to User Experience Design

A great online video instructor-led course which gives you plenty of info on UX.

Designers love the course, scoring it 4.5 (out of we assume 5...) with 1,485 reviews at the time of writing this.

The topics including an overview of UX, how to gather requirements, design alternatives, prototyping and evaluation. All useful items in the UX designers tool bag.

What do Coursera get from this? The ability to upsell you on some of their more expensive courses.

UX Writing Hub - Free microcopy course

Design isn't just about pixels. Sometimes it even includes words.

So, the helpful people at UX Writing Hub have put together a free course on how to write UX Microcopy.

While not for everyone, knowing how to write some excellent UX copy will help you stand out from your design friends.

Springboard - User Experience Design

The Springboard User Experience Design course is hands down the biggest. It contains 38 different resources and has been taken by over 70k students...that's a lot!

Springboard offers a much more paid UX design course, but this one is good enough to get you started. You'll learn the best techniques and methods such as user research, user personas, prototyping and wireframing.

But again, beware, they are going to try and upsell you that more expensive course.

AJ&Smart - Youtube

Currently one of the best design agencies on the planet right now for digital products, AJ&Smart kills it with their content.

With a profoundly funny and engaging team, they create UX content almost weekly on Youtube, and daily on their Instagram.

We'd recommend going to Youtube and checking them to watch some of their UX videos.

Udacity - Product Design

Udacity have an excellent course on product design by Google.

It uses the Design Sprint method we're big fans of but also includes some UX fundamentals to get you going. Udacity had this to say "This course is designed to help you materialize your game-changing idea and transform it into a product that you can build a business around."

Now that sounds great! But watch out for them course upsells again. Udacity sells some pricey courses.


Another UX course which you receive weekly by email, Hackdesign.

The lessons have been created by UX designers who work at companies such as Airbnb, TechCrunch and TED.

Want to learn more about UX?

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